What Therapy is NOT 

You’ve chosen a therapist and you are ready for your first appointment. You know a little bit about what to expect from therapy. You know that your therapist will help you process feelings, point out your strengths, and provide you with a safe place to work. 

Usually someone chooses a therapist who they feel will they will connect with in some way. A therapist is someone who can be trusted to help protect the mental well-being of others, and provide a safe environment where feelings and thoughts can be shared without judgment. We have discussed what therapy is, but what is therapy not?

Therapy is not advice. Your therapist should not tell you what to do. You should be the one who decides what is best for you. Your therapist helps you figure out what is best for you. 

Therapy is not physical. There should not be any inappropriate touching during your session. There should not be any sexual advances or suggestions, and you should not be asked to hug it out. 

Your therapist is not your friend. Your therapist should not invite you to dinner, or to the movies, or ask you to do things for them. Your therapist should not ask you to trade favors. Your therapist should not come to your house unannounced or ask you to participate in any type of social activities. 

Your therapist should not ask you for advice, or ask your opinion about their life. They should not ask you for help with anything. Therapy is all about YOU, not your therapist. 
So if your therapist makes you uncomfortable because of their actions, it’s time to find a new therapist. 

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