When a Client is a No Show

Every now and then therapists have a client who doesn’t show up for an appointment. They don’t give 24 hours notice, they don’t call even right before to reschedule, they just don’t show up. Usually a no show client is someone coming in for their very first appointment, and they get nervous. Perhaps they decided they aren’t ready for therapy, and they’re too embarrassed to call and say so. Perhaps they think they will get talked into coming, and they really don’t want to go. 

A no show client is also someone who has come in for an appointment or two, and maybe they decide they don’t click with the therapist. They are too embarrassed or afraid to call to let the therapist know they need a change. The client might also decide that therapy is too uncomfortable, or they just don’t want to pay for therapy. 

So, the therapist’s client is a no show. What now? Well, usually I call the person because they might be stuck in traffic. I always encourage the person to try to come in, if possible, because part of a session is better than no session. If I am unable to get ahold of the client, I leave an encouraging message. Most of the time they will call back to reschedule.

So for the times there is a no show,  I always have a good book with me. I try to look at the positive, I now have an hour to sit and relax and read my book. Or maybe grab something to eat. Sometimes I catch up on paperwork if I have any. And yes, sometimes I get on WordPress and write on my blog. Just like I am doing right now. 

Do therapists get angry when someone just doesn’t show up? No, they don’t. Therapy is a personal process, and it can sometimes take awhile to decide you are ready. We understand that.  We are just glad when you do decide you are ready. 

I have to admit that when there is a no show as my first appointment, I do sit and think about the things I could have gotten done in that hour. I could’ve gotten some of the house work done. On second thought……..is it really so bad I got out of housework? Maybe not. 



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